Viper Northwest offers full engineering support, prototyping, fabrication, milling, turning, testing and assembly. We work with a variety of materials including stainless steel, titanium, specialty alloys and many types of plastics/composites.

CNC Precision Machining

Our CNC Machine Department is supported by our fully integrated CAD and Programming Department. Viper Northwest has combined this with the latest in technology and equipment to provide you prototype, complicated precision parts, and assemblies.


Viper Northwest provides high quality, tight tolerance sheet metal, weldments, and assemblies. We combine in house machining with fabrication of assemblies to allow rapid production for a higher degree of production control. By minimizing outsourcing we quickly ship your quality product.


We provide TIG, MIG, Resistance (spot) and gas welding. This includes precision welding of stainless, aluminum, steel and titanium assemblies and weldments, as well as mechanical and electrical component soldering. Thermal and chemical welding of many mechanical plastics and composites is also available.

High-Precision Weldments

Common weldments include supports, carriages, robotic arms, end effectors, tooling, fixtures, frames, enclosures, brackets, tubing, bases, stands, and carts. Design for manufacturability is provided to support reduced cost and improved accuracy.

Precision Tube and Shape Formatting

Gas and liquid disbursement assemblies manufactured to precise tolerances. We provide bar, rod, tube and shape forming, as well as, formed, welded, and machined assemblies.

Precision Sheet Metal

We provide the highest quality, accuracy and finishes on your enclosure, bracket, cover, guard, mount, shield, support, and assembly.

CNC Laser Cutting

We have the latest technology and up to 4000 watts to provide you with clean, accurate steel cutting to 1″ thick, stainless cutting to 3/4″ thick and aluminum to 3/8″ thick.


We have CNC press brakes to 100 tons and extensive tooling to meet most precision forming needs. Custom form tooling is manufactured in our precision machine shop. This allows rapid prototyping and complete flexibility when producing your parts.

Inspection and Certification

Our quality is confirmed by our inclusive and experienced inspection department. We will provide you with accuracy and documentation to meet all your needs and specifications. We will follow your existing process specifications or we can create the necessary process specification documentation as needed. Certification is available on all materials, processes, coatings and inspections.


  • Graining/Sanding: Wet sanding to 24″ widths producing the finest quality finishes, fast.
  • Coating: All outsource coatings; anodize, alodine, electropolish, passivate, plating, painting, powdercoat, plasma coat and many more are readily available.

Hardware Insertion

PEM and other captive hardware of all varieties installed. Custom designed hardware provides solutions to your most difficult obstacles.

Prototyping and Quick-turn

Prototypes and short run parts can be produced in your time requirements.
Simple brackets and enclosures can be delivered in hours, not days, and complex assemblies delivered in days, not weeks.

Assembly & Testing

Our assembly team has the capability, skills and experience to assemble your mechanical and electro mechanical assemblies. We partner with our customers from prototype to end-of life for their project. This includes assistance in developing machined components or utilizing our extensive supply chain to complete your product per your specifications. Test certifications and test result documentation available upon request.

Design & Engineering

We can bring your project to completion whether you come to us with a napkin drawing, general idea, or a full 3D parametric assembly drawing. We have extensive manufacturing experience and can help you with your difficult requirements. Our seasoned staff will help you reduce cost and delivery time.

Mechanical Engineering Support

Our Engineering team can provide support for product design and development. We can offer design for manufacturability recommendations, develop innovative solutions for shortening development cycles, and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Quality Control

Our quality goal is zero defects. Viper Northwest maintains a written quality management system that works in conjunction with all facets of our manufacturing environment, from estimating to production planning, to process control, manufacturing, inspection and delivery.

We inspire the confidence and trust of our customers, partners, suppliers, and regulatory bodies. We strive for excellence in everything we do and we guarantee your product to be free of defects.

Quality Assurance

Our reputation has been built on superb quality and service. If we fail to serve our customers we risk losing them forever. It is our company wide commitment to never compromise our quality; not just in the products we make, but in every aspect of our company.

Quality Per Customer Specifications

Time and time again we surpass customer qualifying standards. Our quality system is designed to the principles of AS, ISO, and Lean. Quality controls are in place to exceed customer expectations in all areas of our company. Our goal is to assure you an outstanding quality relationship in everything we do. We all realize cost savings when quality and loss prevention systems work; and ours works well. We also inspect all our suppliers to insure they align with our quality philosophy.

Packaging & Shipping

Our logistics department handles shipments on all levels from door-to-door to international drop shipments. Our team of expert logistics coordinators will handle your shipment through the entire process. We specialize in staying one step ahead of your shipment to ensure its successful arrival.


  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Composites
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Foams

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